Fair Munich 2014: Some new Examples have been shown on the fair, especially some  from the Classic Series. Also some new Bison Watches have been newly designed and will  be available in summer 2014.  New in 2014 are the following: Ingersoll Belle Star Ingersoll Brandenburger Gate Ingersoll Neuschwanstein Castle Ingersoll Coffin Ingersoll Alaska Ingersoll Clay Ingersoll Crockett Ingersoll Boise Ingersoll Lone Star Ingersoll Painte Ingersoll Chumash Ingersoll Lenope Ingersoll Osceola Ingersoll Tecumseh Ingersoll Ragtime Ingersoll Seattle Ingersoll Okies Ingersoll San Bernardino Ingersoll Las Vegas Ingersoll Cobham II Ingersoll Red Cloud Ingersoll Rosebud Watch Fair The munich fair Inhorgenta is the most important fair besides the fair in Basel, especially for Germany. Each Year in February/March Ingersoll presents their new watches and acessoires. Presented by: