Ingersoll Watches are The Affordable high quality Watches from Germany No Watchmaker in Germany could produce and sell so many fine mechanic Masterpieces in the last 10 Years. These Watches are not only very beautiful but also made to high standards. The Watches show their own Design, which is made in Germany. They  will be tested in many steps, so that you are sure, you will get a reliable  watch for every day. When they have passed all Tests, then they will be  delivered. You will have to seek for a better repair department than that  of Ingersoll.    We will show you some of the most sought after Pieces in the Following: Ingersoll Richmond  Ingersoll San Antonio  Ingersoll Bison  Ingersoll Georgia  Ingersoll Gandhi  Ingersoll Grand Canyon  Ingersoll Montgomery  Ingersoll Automatik Ingersoll Reliance  Today most of the Watches are produced with Automatic Windings. So you can forget to wind up by hand. in 2014 there are approximately 150 different Watches produced for men and women. Most of them are collectors  items because they are affordable, highly reputed and reliable.  We at Williwunder will show you some of the finest Masterpieces. Ingersoll not only has a Collection of Classic and  sporty Watches for men but also a complete range of Watches for women, who are highly sought after.   Presented by: